Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Countown, truly now

I hear through the grapevine of copy editors that this Google epic is finally going to print this weekend, thus hopefully pumping my online existence through the roof with all the curiosity it might pique from readers. Who are, at the very least, my mother. Perhaps my dad, if he can tear himself away from the Toronto Star.

My poor has slipped into obscurity in Google rankings, but I'm pretty sure that's because I redirected it from the .com to my wordpress blog. I feel like Google wouldn't want to rate things that are just redirections.

I know there's some way to actually run a wordpress blog out of the .com, but it was taking me forever to figure out how and really, it's important the keep asking myself, "Do I REALLY need to do this?" as I spend hours tinkering away at my online self that, if the internet ever blooped down, would no longer exist.

I think it's probably worth an hour or two more, to get myself together since people that read the article might potentially (hopefully) visit it and offer me book deals and television series and whatnot. I mean, recognize my fantastic journalism. Because that's a reward in itself.

So off I go to reinvent and muse on what I'd do with my own television series. I'm pretty sure it would involve me playing banjo.

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