Monday, August 11, 2008

The disappearing

And then it was gone again.

How is it that Google can index my poor little occasionally invisible, and then sometimes not show it? It gets lonely out there in the webisphere when it's not acknowledged... especially since I'm paying for it.

The good news is that all my little social networking attempts are really truly starting to fall into place (before I was just trying to make myself feel better about it, but now it is a fact), and thus I'm now fairly consistently the hits on pages one through three (yeah!).

My Linked In remains elusive, and my Wikipedia entry is still number two. But it's nice to know that all those hours making user names and passwords I have already forgotten for my multiple socially networked selves is somehow paying off.

Today will be spent working on a multimedia project based on my interview with Jim Killeen, the producer that made the doc Google Me, where he met with several of his other selves. I like listening to that interview over and over as I work on it because he is such a positive fellow. He seems quite glad to share his identity. While I am getting there myself, I feel I still have a lot to learn from him.

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