Monday, July 21, 2008

Brianna Goldberg... back in action.

How do you solve a problem like multiple Brianna Goldbergs?

Honestly, most of my family, co-workers, and friends wouldn't so much call me a "problem" as they would silly, or enthusiastic, or banj'obsessed. The problem, dear reader, is that there are other Brianna Goldbergs out there. And one of them in particular is overtaking my profile.

I am so not a greedy lady. I don't mind sharing, really. Do you want some of the chocolate bar I brought today for an afternoon snack? I already shared some with the people sitting next to me. See?

The problem is that I'm a journalist fighting for my reputation in a business that's known for muckraking, and I need to make sure the muck that's being raked comes from my own muck pile. Otherwise, people might run amok in the online lives of the other Brianna Goldberg, while my life remains mostly in this realm. And with a budding career in mind, that thought is worthy of an expression also rhyming with muck.

And so today begins a week-long experiment I'm doing for the Weekend Post. I've been calling internet experts to find out how I can become the number one Brianna Goldberg on Google before next Tuesday. Because I'm obviously the number one Brianna Goldberg in real life, already. Hey-o!

My eyes are glazing over because I've spent most of today going buck wild taking the advice of these experts... there is, like, more than 100 per cent more of this Brianna Goldberg on the internet today than there was yesterday. And I've worked for national newspapers and the national broadcaster, so there was already a lot of me to go around!

But one of the things that was suggested to help me out was to take a blog with my exact name. I tried. And found it to be already claimed.

"WHAT?" I said. Really, I did. Out loud. At the office. Then I did that thing where I pretended I hadn't said anything at all after people started looking at me. "What?" I said, again, this trying to shame away their stares. Anyway.

I clicked on the link, only to find that is MINE from several years ago. In fact, before I even started at journalism school. Look at me now, old Brianna Goldberg! I may have a job (for the time being), but I'm fighting for our supremacy!

It's interesting to look back at my old posts and see how scared I was. I think in many ways things have changed, and in others I am the same old me.

Thus, I have resumed this blog to both pump up my Google presence, and also revive a nostalgic artifact.

When I tried to sign back on to this blog, the host said I had to sign a new agreement but that I had inherited the name under Legacy. I find that term mostly poignant. With a dash of self-serving.

In any event, I am off to eat chicken wings with my room-mate and hope that The Internet will index my many web workings today.

Will I be closer to being the number one Brianna Goldberg tomorrow? Will I be able to be all top 10 hits by the end of the week?

Link to this blog to help me in my quest!

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