Thursday, July 24, 2008

Holding steady at the top... now it's the middle that's the problem

I can't believe it, but my National Post round-up remains in the top spot!

Underneath, a profile page from a free weekly magazine in Ottawa (?) that I have repeatedly asked them to remove.

Then, the evil Wikipedia user entries for BG The Other that I can't trump.

As I mentioned, they got rid of my sad little Wikipedia entry. The comments said I didn't prove I was a person of enough importance. But have I turned the tables on them!

Today I re-wrote the entry, stressing that I'm the first person to have documented Canadian musicians exploring the African routes of the banjo in long-form journalism (true! and important!). And THEN, I linked my entry to an article of mine that a separate Wikipedia entry was using as a reference. That's two links in Wiki!

As long as the WikiPolice respect the importance of my banjo work, this is an iron clad way of kicking myself into those Wiki hits.

Ha ha!

Also, my Digg profile creeps ever upwards. Must keep Digging!

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