Thursday, July 24, 2008

Strange Connections

It's day four. My Wikipedia entry has been deleted. My LinkedIn with a myriad of connections still hasn't showed up. But (thank goodness), a partial summary of my NP articles are now ranking within the top five.

I heard from one of my sources today, who told me that such is the way of the web: things that seem to be separate (my activity on Linked In, which still doesn't show up, and the bumping up of my NP articles, which do) are actually interconnected. Can we say thematic significance?

He said often it takes 2-4 weeks to see real change, but my deadline is Tuesday.

I am beginning to wonder whether I should give in and buy my own domain. I was reluctant, because I wanted to see if I could execute this project entirely for free, but I feel now that I should buy that up just so I can have it, and see if I can fill the rest of the nine entries on the first page of Google (it shows ten) for free.

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