Thursday, July 31, 2008

Delayed, hooray'd

Number one! Number one!

It was a sweet, sweet moment when I Googled myself this afternoon and found that the fledgling had finally been indexed. Thus, something uniquely mine will remain the top hit for as long as I control the domain.

Weeyoo! Number one!

Now I have to actually make it more than an online business card. All I wanted to do was get the domain, but now that I have it, I feel I should make it more... top-spot-worthy.

This project has been so odd because everything I do to try and fulfill my assignment has much bigger real-world implications for my reputation. Ie; I just found that only one entry from this blog has been indexed... and it's the one where I accidentally invited everyone I had ever sent an email to into Linked In.

The article, for various reasons, has been postponed for a week or two, since it's going in a weekly section that filled up quickly this week with timely things and that's themed next week.

It's only a letdown because I was working so hard at it and it would be nice to have it done with. But by putting it on pause it allows the fruit of my internet labours to become nice and ripe, and for my many online selves to populate the Google search.

Which I now see it's starting to do rather quickly, for better or for worse.

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