Friday, July 25, 2008

Holding steady; meeting-ready?

My NP articles are holding, as is my WikiPage... though BG The Other still comes in above it. My Digg profile has moved up, my Meetups profile has moved down, and on the second page a whole bunch of direct links to my articles.

I also noticed that anOTHER Brianna Goldberg lives very close to my boyfriend in Boston... next to a street called Peterborough, the name of the town he's from in Ontario.

BG#3 is a year younger than me, a Saggitarius like me, and plays bass like me.

Should I maybe try to meet her the next time I'm there?

My source's comment the other day that seemingly disparate things are actually interconnected becomes more true each day.

1 comment:

Brianna said...

Hi, I am that Brianna Goldberg. It is amazing how all of that information is available on the internet for all to see. I had no idea. Anyhow, those coincidences are pretty remarkable.